How to get a Y.A.R.D. 2 ?

Y.A.R.D.2 is available as an assembly kit with all needed parts.
You just have to solder the parts. (SMD parts are already soldered)
All cables included Mainboard <-> Y.A.R.D.2 (PowerButton), IR-Receiver, ... .

Not included is an internal or external USB cable.

Y.A.R.D.2 Micro: 15€ (SMD parts soldered)
Y.A.R.D.2 Mini: 26€
Y.A.R.D.2 LCD SMD: 36€ (SMD parts soldered)

Currently available
Micro: 10 (Rev.2)
Mini: 3 (Rev.4)
If one version is not available, just ask for it.

If you need custom cables, I can probably assemble them at my own.

Just send me a mail:
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