Here is little project to convert a Gameport Joystick / Gamepad to USB Port.

Based on Necroware Gameport Adapter I made a small PCB and case.

If you want to order one, please contact me.
I do not develop the firmware, I just created the a nice package for the hardware.
Therefore I do not take any responsibility if our Joystick / Device does not work.
Please check Github for details.
This firmware project is still active, so if you need to add a device, open an issue at Github

Cost: 38€ incl. 3d printed case (color grey, light grey, white) and short USB-C Cable
(+shipping, almost all countries are possible, just ask :-) )

For the usage with games with XInput you can try World of Joystick XInput Emulator.

Send a mail to:

(normally I reply within 2 days, if you don't get an answer check the spam folder)
(Still available 07/2023)

Copy from Github Necroware Gameport Adapter:
"Currently, the following drivers are implemented. To select the right driver, you have to use four jumpers, as shown in the table.
The jumpers may be changed or extended in the future, so please pay attention to the updates."

Joystick Model Buttons Axes Hat SW1-4 Comments
Generic Analog 2 2 0 0000  
Generic Analog 4 2 0 1000  
Generic Analog 4 3 0 0100 3rd Axis is throttle
Generic Analog 4 4 0 1100  
CH FlightStick 4 4 1 0010 Analog, DOS-compatible
CH F16 Combat Stick 10 3 1 0110 Analog, DOS-compatible
ThrustMaster 4 3 1 1010 Analog, DOS-compatible
Sidewinder GamePad 10 2 0 1110 Digital protocol
Sidewinder 3D Pro 8 4 1 1110 Digital protocol
Sidewinder 3D Pro Plus 9 4 1 1110 First version of Precision Pro
Sidewinder Precision Pro 9 4 1 1110 Digital protocol
Sidewinder FFB Pro 9 4 1 1110 Digital, FFB not yet implemented
Sidewinder FFB Wheel 8 3 0 1110 Digital, FFB not yet implemented
Gravis GamePad Pro 10 2 0 0001 Digital protocol (GrIP)
Logitech WingMan Extreme 6 3 1 1001 Digital protocol (ADI)
Logitech CyberMan 2 8 6 0 1001 Digital proticol (ADI)

Only use the USB port to plug in your computer. The Gameport has to be connected first !
If the Gameport is/gets disconnected, remove it from USB before you attach the gameport(Joystick to the adapter !

Disclaimer (must be):
You use the adapter at your own risk.
I take not any responsibility or liability for the adapter at all.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners !

Jumper to select the right Joystick (according table)
      SW1         |      SW2     |     SW3     |     SW4