Y.A.R.D.Yet Another Remote Device 2

It is available with 3 diffrent versions: Micro, Mini and LCD

Y.A.R.D.2 USB Version Nano Micro Mini LCD
USB connection USB-A Header Header Header
IR Receiver X X X X
IR Wakeup   X X X
IR Sender     X X
RTC wakeup     X X
Rotary encoder       X
Buttons 0 1 7 upto 127
i²c Header     X X
LCD & Light sensor
Windows Software X X X X
Linux Software X X X X

The device has following features (Micro / Mini / LCD):

- IR receiver for supported protocols (RC5, RC6, NEC, Samsung, Denon)
- IR wakeup support

Additional for Nano:
- Direct USB-A connector for external use
2 versions available: with onboard IR Receiver and external IR-Receiver (Header)

Additional for Micro:
- Up to 7 push buttons

Additional for Mini and LCD:
- IR Sender (for some protocols)
- RTC (Real time clock) for programmable wakeup with GoldCap buffer for min 3 days in case of an power failure.
- i²c Header for extensions (FAN Controller) (Mini from Rev04)

Additional for LCD Version:
- Up to 15 push buttons (up to 255 if you do not need the Rotary encoder)
- Rotary encoder with separate push Button
- LCD for character and graphic LCD with controllers: HD44780, KS0108, T6369C
- Automatic back light adjustment via Photo resistor if LED back light is used.

Windows Software
-> IR events via WinLirc protocol (WinLirc not required), MCE Emulation, JSON (XBMC), Keyboard emulation
-> Every program with Winlirc interface can be used
-> Media Portal can be controlled with my own Winlirc Plugin.
-> Kodi / XBMC can be controlled via JSON TCP interface (no plugin required)
-> Windows Media Center (7/8) can be controlled using MCE emulation
-> MCE emulation for other programs available (e.g. PowerDVD)
-> PVR monitoring for DVBViewer / WMC Vista / WMC 7 (Beta) for automatic wakeup programming
Media Portal (only if mySQL5 is used for MediaPortal - Beta).
-> General sending of Keys to the foreground Window
-> Starting applications via IR
-> Power on Reset handling
-> FritzBox Call monitor

Linux Software
-> yard2srvd is a background Daemon
-> lirc daemon patch
-> Work as an input device event[x] (keyboard emulation)
-> yard2wakeup for automatic wakeup time for VDR
-> yard2config for Y.A.R.D.2 configuration
-> yard2record to create IRMap table for own lirc server implementation and for /input/event[x]
-> yard2flash to update Y.A.R.D.2 firmware
-> lirctest is a simple lirc test application
-> [Beta] own lirc server implementation. lirc is not needed
-> [Beta] An input device can be created dev/input/event[x], which simulates keystrokes
-> [Beta] LCDproc driver (only char. LCDs)

A manual installation on OpenElec (x86/RasPi/Cubex) is possible, without yard2flash support.
XBMCbuntu is also supported.

- Free USB port (internal preferred)
- Y.A.R.D.2 needs 5V StandBy from USB port in S5 mode (Check mainboard manual)
- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 32Bit / 64Bit
- Linux (LCD support currently only textmode via LCDProc)

Y.A.R.D.2 LCD Standard (no longer available --> SMD Version)


Y.A.R.D.2 LCD SMD (4x5cm)


Y.A.R.D.2 Mini Rev04 (4x3,5cm)

Y.A.R.D.2 Nano


Y.A.R.D.2 Micro Rev02 (2,3x2,5cm)

Y.A.R.D.2 LCD Special Edition (special user request)

Windows with LCDhype

Linux with LCDproc