Delphi TSevenZipVCL 0.74a

This is a Delphi VCL for 7zip format ( )

The VCL is open source.

It was developed by:
Ivo Andonov
Rainer Geigenberger
Thanks to:
Marko Kamin
Erik Smith
Sergey Prokhorov

You can use it in freeware and shareware as long you are mention the usage of this VCL in your Readme or Helpfile, and put also a link to this Homepage and share your improvements/modifications of the VCL.
A short mail to me would be nice :-)

Download Source as Zip Source as 7-Zip

You will also need the 7za.dll from sourceforge
The dll is in the extra.tar.bz2 package.
Dll version 4.42 is included in the package.
New 0.71: Multivolume support, password support.
New 0.72: Fixed 4GB limit, some other bugs ;-)
New 0.73: Some internal changes
New 0.74: Bugfix release
New 0.74a: Bugfix during adding files
New 0.76: Bugfix. Added support for D07-D10



If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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