MS Sidewinder Gameport to USB

Here is little project to convert a Microsoft Sidewinder Gameport Joystick to USB Port.

Based on Google sw3dprousb I made a small PCB and case.

If you want to order one, please contact me.
I do not develop the firmware, I just created the a nice package for the hardware.
Therefore I do not take any responsibility if our Joystick/Wheel does not work.
Please check the Descent forum for more info.

Cost: 45€ incl. 3d printed case (color currently blue and grey) (+shipping, try worldwide :-) because of CoViD only EU :-( )

Send a mail to:


Teensy Loader

Firmware (all files available together): Download

For Force Feedback Pro joysticks with force feedback effects: adaptffbjoy-r54.hex
Precision Pro, 3D Pro, 3D Pro Plus, or FFP that you don't need FFB effects: 3DPro32u4-10.hex
Force Feedback Wheel: use the beta file Wheel.hex.

The original project was the 3DP-Vert: The Descent BB - USB Converter for MS Sidewinder 3DPro, PP, and FFP
The second project to add force feedback effects and wheel support: The Descent BB - Reverse Engineering the Force Feedback Pro
Google code that holds the support files and source for the project: Google Code - sw3dprousb
Google code that holds the support files and source for the project: Google Code - adapt-ffb-joy
GitHub repository that holds support files and source for the project: adapt-ffb-joy

Some few FFB-Joystick looks like to have a hardware problem over the long time storing resulting in a jitter of axis. Github #23
Therefore a user made 2 alternative firmwares you can try (Also in the package above). See source at Github

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