Here is little project to convert a Microsoft Sidewinder Gameport Joystick to USB Port.

Based on Google sw3dprousb I made a small PCB and case.

If you want to order one, please contact me.
I do not develop the firmware, I just created the a nice package for the hardware.
Therefore I do not take any responsibility if our Joystick/Wheel does not work.
Please check the Descent forum for more info.

Cost: 45€ incl. 3d printed case (color currently blue, light grey) and short Mini-USB cable
(+shipping, almost all countries are possible, just ask :-) )

For the usage with games with XInput you can try World of Joystick XInput Emulator.

Send a mail to:

(normally I reply within 2 days, if you don't get an answer check the spam folder)
(Still available 07/2023)

If you want to use it with a Sidewinder 3Dpro or Sidewinder Gamepad or other Joystick/device,
you can also have a look/try the Universal Gameport adapter.


Teensy Loader

Firmware (all files listed below available together): Download

Precision Pro, 3D Pro, 3D Pro Plus,
FFP that you don't need FFB effects

Force Feedback Pro

Original Firmware: "adaptffbjoy-r54.hex"
CleanUp Frimware: "adaptffbjoy-r54-Clean.hex" (mostly used)
Jitter Update Frimware: Folder "FFB_Joystick_Mod_Jitter"
ej112 FFB Update: adaptffbjoy-0.5.0beta1-shift_4axis_Teensy

Force Feedback Wheel Wheel.hex (Force Feedback does not work!)
Test Program for FFB Joystick TestFFB

The original project was the 3DP-Vert: The Descent BB - USB Converter for MS Sidewinder 3DPro, PP, and FFP
The second project to add force feedback effects and wheel support: The Descent BB - Reverse Engineering the Force Feedback Pro
Google code that holds the support files and source for the project: Google Code - sw3dprousb
Google code that holds the support files and source for the project: Google Code - adapt-ffb-joy
GitHub repository that holds support files and source for the project: adapt-ffb-joy

Some few FFB-Joystick looks like to have a hardware problem over the long time storing resulting in a jitter of axis. Github #23
Therefore a user made 2 alternative firmwares you can try (Also in the package above). See source at Github
A "Cleanup" Firmware with some fixes is available form another User. See source at Github
A "Improved FFB" Firmware with some fixes is available from ej112 (2024). See source at Github
This one is not working with all FFB Joystick, nobody knows. If you have problems with this, flash "Cleanup" Firmware.

Only use the USB port to plug in your computer. The Gameport has to be connected first !
If the Gameport is/gets disconnected, remove it from USB before you attach the gameport(Joystick to the adapter !

Disclaimer (must be):
You use the adapter at your own risk.
I take not any responsibility or liability for the adapter at all.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners !