Queuecopy v1.00

Queuecopy is a utility to manage several filecopies.
You know the problem:
You want to copy files from different source directories to different destination directories.
If you start all copies at the same time the system becomes slow.
So you must do it step by step.

Now you can put the files to the Queue at Queuecopy and it copies the files for you.

- Resume support

- CRC Check for each file
- Exif support for Digital Pictures
- Cache for faster operations on the same harddisk (Partition detect)
- Special access for fastest read and write operations
(sometimes 2 times faster then Windows)
- Support for fast Raid Arrays (variable Chuncksize)
- Full Explorer Shellintegration (Copy, Cut, Paste, 32Bit only)
- Speedlimiter
- Backup profiles

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v1.00 First public release
v0.95 Almost everything new
v0.07 alpha: Improved shellintegration
v0.05 alpha: Testrelease only