UniWakeUp is an utility for programming the RTC wakeup clock in Bios.

Inspired by nvram-wakeup and CmosTimer.

Since Cmosrtimer is only supported until XP32 Bit, UniWakeUp now

support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 32 &64Bit
(This tool use I
npOut32 from http://www.highrez.co.uk/)

For configuration you need to use CmosTool !

If you find this tool useful, please make a donation @ http://www.rg-software.de !

"Universal wake up" is only free for home use! For any other use (commercial use) contact me !!!

Before the first usage run "InstallDriver.exe" to install the necessary dll.
This requires administrator rights. You will be asked for it.

!!! Important !!!
This tool writes to the CMOS area of you main board !

I'm not responsible for any damage / misconfiguration on your hardware !!!
If you have problems you can use the Clear CMOS Jumper / Button on
your main board to set everything to default !


UniWakeUp can wake up your system via 4 Modes:

RTC CMOS : Uses CMOS RTC wakeup function of the BIOS (configure your settings bofore using it !)
Standby ACPI : Uses ACPI and Standby mode of the system if available
Hibernate ACPI : Uses ACPI and Hibernate mode of the system if available
Y.A.R.D. Timer : Uses Y.A.R.D. to wake up system (Timer1 or Timer2)

CMDline Parameters:
Just Shutdown/Standby/Hibernate the system - no automatic wake up. RTC wakeup will be disabled.

Only RTC mode: Same as /off. No automatic reboot is made if necessary

/wakeup=31.12.2000 12:00
Set wake up time - Long format: DD.MM.YYYY HH:mm

Set wake up time - now + x hours or minutes examples: /wakeup=+4h; /wakeup=+15m
Do not use less then 5 minutes if you need a reboot for your system

/wakeuponly=31.12.2000 12:00
Just set wake up - No shutdown/sleep/hibernate.
You have to put your system to the selected wake method manually !
Additional for RTC mode: No automatic reboot is made !

see /wakeup=+x[h,m]

You can use command line or select date and time and set wakeup time directly via GUI.

RTC remark:
Config your settings with CMOSTool or CMOSConfig (CMOStimer)
If you use CMOStimer you have to import the settings: Menu -> Options -> Import CMOStimer settings

Since most RTC CMOS wake up uses only "day", you can not set a wake up time > 1 month in future !!
This is a limitation of the System Bios, not of this tool.

RTC / Y.A.R.D.: Windows Autologon is required !

ACPI: Disable Screensaver - Disable password for resuming !