myConn v1.00

myConn is a online counter with some powerful features.
Main featuers:
- Online counter / Transfer counter
- Multi language support
- Hardware-Router support
- Support for DynDns
- Warnings with "0190 / 0900" numbers
- Time (current and whole time) and max transfer warnings
- All IPs you are currently using are shown
- Statistics for all your connections
- Shows your current transferrate in kb/s
- You can show your online time in a small window or in the System Tray
- Automatic reconnect
- Anti Idle (to stay online with some Providers)
- Start defined programs when your are going online
- Auto connect (specifiy when you want to go online)
- Auto disconnect (specify when you want to go offline, also windowmonitoring is possible)
- XP Menu support

There is no documentation at the moment.
If you have problems, please send a mail !

Download myConn 1.0


v1.00 Fixed some bugs
v.099y Some internal fixes


Fixed some Counter bugs (W9X)
Added Hardware-Router support (SMC7004ABR not supported now),
make your entries in Preferences and change to Router Mode
Added Dial-Up / Router / Network Mode
Removed CPU Priority
Bugsfixes and changes
v0.99v Too many changes :-)
v0.98 First beta release


XP-Style Standard
Time and IP window /
Transferrate: Down <<..|..>> UP
Online time in Tray