myConn v1.00

myConn is a online counter with some powerful features.
Main featuers:
- Online counter / Transfer counter
- Multi language support
- Hardware-Router support
- Support for DynDns
- Warnings with "0190 / 0900" numbers
- Time (current and whole time) and max transfer warnings
- All IPs you are currently using are shown
- Statistics for all your connections
- Shows your current transferrate in kb/s
- You can show your online time in a small window or in the System Tray
- Automatic reconnect
- Anti Idle (to stay online with some Providers)
- Start defined programs when your are going online
- Auto connect (specifiy when you want to go online)
- Auto disconnect (specify when you want to go offline, also windowmonitoring is possible)
- XP Menu support

There is no documentation at the moment.
If you have problems, please send a mail !

Download myConn 1.0


v1.00 Fixed some bugs
v.099y Some internal fixes


Fixed some Counter bugs (W9X)
Added Hardware-Router support (SMC7004ABR not supported now),
make your entries in Preferences and change to Router Mode
Added Dial-Up / Router / Network Mode
Removed CPU Priority
Bugsfixes and changes
v0.99v Too many changes :-)
v0.98 First beta release


XP-Style Standard
Time and IP window /
Transferrate: Down <<..|..>> UP
Online time in Tray

Compress it 1.94

Compress it 1.94

"Compress it" is an archive utility for
Jar (by R.Jung and Java Archive), Ace, Rar, Zip, Rkive, Cab,
Gzip, UUE, Lha and Rar, Arj, Bzip2, Tar, HKI, MD5, SFV
(Arj, HKI, MD5 only extraction !)

Main Features:

  • Supports many compression formats
  • Full shell integration (right click in Explorer)
  • Support multi-archive extraction
  • Support for SFV-Files
  • Powerful ZipSFX, CabSFX modul
  • Built in multi language support
  • Full Drag&Drop support
  • Repairutility for Zip-files
  • Multi archive extraction
  • Commandline available via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Download Compress it 1.94 as


Plugin for PEBuilder

Additional files:
Download Jar1.02
Download Jar v1.02 from Arj Software
Download Ace1.2b
Download Rkive 1.92


Y.A.R.D.Yet Another Remote Device 2

It is available with 3 diffrent versions: Micro, Mini and LCD

Y.A.R.D.2 USB Version Micro Mini LCD
USB connection X X X
IR Receiver X X X
IR Wakeup X X X
IR Sender   X X
RTC wakeup   X X
Rotary encoder     X
Buttons 7 1 upto 127
i²c Header   X X
LCD & Light sensor
Windows Software X X X
Linux Software X X X

The device has following features (Micro / Mini / LCD):

- IR receiver for supported protocols (RC5, RC6, NEC, Samsung, Denon)
- IR wakeup support

Additional for Micro:
- Up to 7 push buttons

Additional for Mini and LCD:
- IR Sender (for some protocols)
- RTC (Real time clock) for programmable wakeup with GoldCap buffer for min 3 days in case of an power failure.
- i²c Header for extensions (FAN Controller) (Mini from Rev04)

Additional for LCD Version:
- Up to 15 push buttons (up to 255 if you do not need the Rotary encoder)
- Rotary encoder with separate push Button
- LCD for character and graphic LCD with controllers: HD44780, KS0108, T6369C
- Automatic back light adjustment via Photo resistor if LED back light is used.

Windows Software
-> IR events via WinLirc protocol (WinLirc not required), MCE Emulation, JSON (XBMC), Keyboard emulation
-> Every program with Winlirc interface can be used
-> Media Portal can be controlled with my own Winlirc Plugin.
-> Kodi / XBMC can be controlled via JSON TCP interface (no plugin required)
-> Windows Media Center (7/8) can be controlled using MCE emulation
-> MCE emulation for other programs available (e.g. PowerDVD)
-> PVR monitoring for DVBViewer / WMC Vista / WMC 7 (Beta) for automatic wakeup programming
Media Portal (only if mySQL5 is used for MediaPortal - Beta).
-> General sending of Keys to the foreground Window
-> Starting applications via IR
-> Power on Reset handling
-> FritzBox Call monitor

Linux Software
-> yard2srvd is a background Daemon
-> lirc daemon patch
-> Work as an input device event[x] (keyboard emulation)
-> yard2wakeup for automatic wakeup time for VDR
-> yard2config for Y.A.R.D.2 configuration
-> yard2record to create IRMap table for own lirc server implementation and for /input/event[x]
-> yard2flash to update Y.A.R.D.2 firmware
-> lirctest is a simple lirc test application
-> [Beta] own lirc server implementation. lirc is not needed
-> [Beta] An input device can be created dev/input/event[x], which simulates keystrokes
-> [Beta] LCDproc driver (only char. LCDs)

A manual installation on OpenElec (x86/RasPi/Cubex) is possible, without yard2flash support.
XBMCbuntu is also supported.

- Free USB port (internal preferred)
- Y.A.R.D.2 needs 5V StandBy from USB port in S5 mode (Check mainboard manual)
- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 32Bit / 64Bit
- Linux (LCD support currently only textmode via LCDProc)

Y.A.R.D.2 LCD Standard (no longer available --> SMD Version)


Y.A.R.D.2 LCD SMD (4x5cm)


Y.A.R.D.2 Mini Rev04 (4x3,5cm)

Y.A.R.D.2 Micro Rev02 (2,3x2,5cm)

Y.A.R.D.2 LCD Special Edition (special user request)

Windows with LCDhype

Linux with LCDproc



Delphi TSevenZipVCL 0.74a

This is a Delphi VCL for 7zip format ( )

The VCL is open source.

It was developed by:
Ivo Andonov
Rainer Geigenberger
Thanks to:
Marko Kamin
Erik Smith
Sergey Prokhorov

You can use it in freeware and shareware as long you are mention the usage of this VCL in your Readme or Helpfile, and put also a link to this Homepage and share your improvements/modifications of the VCL.
A short mail to me would be nice :-)

Download Source as Zip Source as 7-Zip

You will also need the 7za.dll from sourceforge
The dll is in the extra.tar.bz2 package.
Dll version 4.42 is included in the package.
New 0.71: Multivolume support, password support.
New 0.72: Fixed 4GB limit, some other bugs ;-)
New 0.73: Some internal changes
New 0.74: Bugfix release
New 0.74a: Bugfix during adding files
New 0.76: Bugfix. Added support for D07-D10



If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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