MS Sidewinder Gameport to USB

Here is little project to convert a Microsoft Sidewinder Gameport Joystick to USB Port.

Based on Google sw3dprousb I made a small PCB and case.

If you want to order one, please contact me.
I do not develop the firmware, I just created the a nice package for the hardware.
Therefore I do not take any responsibility if our Joystick/Wheel does not work.
Please check the Descent forum for more info.

Cost: 45€ incl. 3d printed case (you can send me your color wish) (+shipping, try worldwide :-) )


Teensy Loader

Firmware: Download

For Force Feedback Pro joysticks with force feedback effects: adaptffbjoy-r54.hex
Precision Pro, 3D Pro, 3D Pro Plus, or FFP that you don't need FFB effects: 3DPro32u4-10.hex
Force Feedback Wheel: use the beta file Wheel.hex.

The original project was the 3DP-Vert: The Descent BB - USB Converter for MS Sidewinder 3DPro, PP, and FFP
The second project to add force feedback effects and wheel support: The Descent BB - Reverse Engineering the Force Feedback Pro
Google code that holds the support files and source for the project: Google Code - sw3dprousb
Google code that holds the support files and source for the project: Google Code - adapt-ffb-joy
GitHub repository that holds support files and source for the project: adapt-ffb-joy

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Some screenshots of the YARD"USB Software





Here are some youtube videos of Y.A.R.D.2


Windows Setup and configuration of DVBviewer / XBMC / MediaPortal


LibreElec / OpenElec Installation with SSH


Windows 8 Driver installation


Windows 8-10 Bootloader Driver installation


Setup for XBMCbuntu & Ubuntu


Setup for easyVDR 2.0



Queuecopy v1.00

Queuecopy is a utility to manage several filecopies.
You know the problem:
You want to copy files from different source directories to different destination directories.
If you start all copies at the same time the system becomes slow.
So you must do it step by step.

Now you can put the files to the Queue at Queuecopy and it copies the files for you.

- Resume support

- CRC Check for each file
- Exif support for Digital Pictures
- Cache for faster operations on the same harddisk (Partition detect)
- Special access for fastest read and write operations
(sometimes 2 times faster then Windows)
- Support for fast Raid Arrays (variable Chuncksize)
- Full Explorer Shellintegration (Copy, Cut, Paste, 32Bit only)
- Speedlimiter
- Backup profiles

You can buy a license through PayPal


v1.00 First public release
v0.95 Almost everything new
v0.07 alpha: Improved shellintegration
v0.05 alpha: Testrelease only